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Hygiene in our Kitchen

The kitchen is the heart of the house. However small or big it may be, it binds us all together and thus it is of prime importance to give due respect to the kitchen by keeping it sanitized. Cooking food was always considered as a sacred practice. My great-grandmother used to wear sacred cloth while cooking and had standing instructions not to touch her or enter the kitchen until she cooks food.  We may not go to this extreme to keep our kitchen clean and hygienic, but I reckon I have some other ideas. Personal Hygiene First and foremost is to wash the hands once you enter the kitchen. Our hands, nails, and hair carry most of the unwanted bacteria. Keep one towel or napkin handy to wipe the hands after every wash. Keep this napkin exclusively for kitchen use only. Most of us have domestic help who enters the kitchen straightaway after coming to our houses. Instruct them to first enter the washroom, wash their hands and feet, and then only enter the kitchen. With COVID in our lives, we

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