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The New Mantra

 The doorbell rings and Sam opens the door. The delivery boy is at the door. Sam gets his favorite cookies and a few munchies. He opens all the packs, transfers them into bowls, and gets them for his friends sitting in the living room. Wonder what happened with the wrappers of the cookies and munchies. Sam’s dad quickly puts all the wrappers in the dry waste bin. Only the cream cookie wrapper is kept aside as it is sticky. He then cleans the sticky wrapper with water and puts it to dry. All sticky, oily, greasy wrappers must be cleaned, dried, and disposed of in the dry waste bin. It is a small but important step.  one dirty or wet wrapper/container/box will ruin the entire pile of dry waste.  The Brihanmumbai Corporation has begun collecting our dry waste so that we dump less garbage in our landfills. Some other companies in the private sector have followed suit. We often neglect smaller wastes and do not dispose of them correctly. These include items like:  Biscuit wrappers l Chocola

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